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An always indisputable truth before but befalling more imperative

Just visiting our local market weekly, a recurrent ritual we had to abandon during the pandemic, naturally re-instilled the importance of being present minded. I returned to this past tradition last Friday because of an abrupt desire for some tasty goat cheese, not really to risk one’s life for, I admit, but pretending doesn’t come strange to me and face covering is embraced by everyone here, ostensibly without the accompanying alienated thoughts still circulating in less practically oriented communities.

Falling back to a benchmark of how things were, be distracted for example by ruminating past burqa discussions and the irony of their rapid obsolescence, it all becomes futile without some certainty about the future, an always indisputable truth before but befalling more imperative with a deadly invisible virus going around. This must be golden time for the mindfulness industry, I tell you, or maybe not at all, with the balancing act between our past and planning for our future forced upon us al in a present inescapable reality, even without the spiritual techniques that we previously seemed to need to get to that level of awareness.

“Haven’t seen you in ages”, our regular cheese lady snapped at me, not at all friendly but rather reproachful. For a moment I actually thought about her likely lost clientele and its consequences to her, but instead of showing understanding, I found myself rebuking her. “Covid, you know?” She didn’t even nod, put my order on the counter, and fiddled impatiently with the pin machine. “See you next week”, she said, confusing me with her unexpected cheerfulness.
This disorientation made me decide to skip my routine glass of rose at the local bar, a nonsensical habit anyway but now deprived of any cause, so I went straight back home.

Here, entwinement may still rule. The flowers on the kitchen table, Ivory’s contribution obviously, are countering the recent demise of summer, with the red clover’s deeply pink blossom as pretty as it is persistent, reminding us to take notice of the potential in all that surrounds us, but more practically reminding me of the copious supply I dried last spring and the lovely warm tea that’ll brew.

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