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It’s our story of recreating our life

When talking about us, two Dutch giants living in a tiny cottage house with eye-catching pink shutters in the middle of nowhere, there’s bound to be some story behind. And there is.

It’s our story of falling in love with the beautiful French countryside of Le Berry, historic and lush and sometimes wild and dark. It’s our story of recreating our life in the Pays de George Sand, the nineteenth century French romantic writer known primarily for her so-called rustic novels. It’s our story about how we started dreaming big here six years ago, managing a chateau lifestyle, considering buying one ourselves one day. But most of all it’s our story about the alternative path we found three years ago and the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle we decided to embark on. That’s the story we like to share on this website.

We established our ‘p’tit domaine berrichon’ to have access to clean, healthy food that we produce ourselves where we can. We are also trying to reduce waste by recycling, composting and reducing the amount of packaging used on products.

It’s not always easy and not always successful, but our main objective is to stay focused on quality over quantity. In doing so, we rediscover traditional, non-industrial ways and customs that have been around for centuries and are worth exploring further, especially in these modern times.

This website tells our story in bits and pieces, pictures, recipes and experiences. We invite you to join in the discussion on ways to enjoy a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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