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Botanical Monotype Prints

To share the beauty that surrounds us and how it dearly appears to me in text, taste and image,  has become a solid part of my day to day life as it invites me to find new ways to shift my focus away from these dreaded distractions that always seem to lure.
By sheer coincidence recently the ancient craft of monotype printing caught my eye, the earliest dating back to the 1640s, when Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione printed compositions he drew into ink spread on un-incised metal plates. 

did some monoprinting experiments myself in a previous life, or was it only a few decades ago, struck by the uniqueness of the images created, but quickly abandoned the concept because of the mess involved and a lack of compelling results. With this renewably sparked interest though, by now having found a solid inspiration in nature and its meaningful presence in our life and a sudden urge to document differently yet again, I discovered the gelli plate, a relatively new product that adds much flexibility and literally many layers to the process.

Not sure where this will all take me, but happy to follow its lead. Bear with me while I learn the tricks of yet another trade, the only way I know how to: by experimenting. If you enjoy these kind of things, you are most welcome to check back here regularly for possible new additions. 

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