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This vibrant enticement is more than welcome

This spring-like return of color and light to daily life can be overwhelming at times, with its superb splendor just long enough consigned to oblivion to prevent habituation and abundance, only to make a striking comeback at its exact former level of glory. This particular view is the starting point of my every hop, skip and jump with Young Mec, who’s exuberant everlasting energy puts an extra spotlight on my worn knee, painfully and persistently protesting every step of the way, so this vibrant enticement is more than welcome to push us forward into the valley without further delay.

I am covertly grateful for our vet’s advice against taking our youngster on too long trails before his first birthday, allowing me to pretend it’s his giant growing bones and not my rickety ones that regularly provoke a premature turnaround, while offering me a kinder and more realistic timeframe to still effectively get rid of my winter laziness, before the summer heat will cause similar circumstances.

An uphill encouragement is what rises from Les Pierres’ valley in Spring, conducting a long overdue ratification that the time is now, or just about now, maybe tomorrow, when it’s a little bit warmer, but almost now, seizable, one could say. Everything asleep before is starting to move slowly, make plans, rearrange and regroup.

Last week, Ivory experienced an astonishing discovery by suddenly recognizing the chateau where we used to live, never having noticed it in the years since our retreat from that madhouse that magically disappeared in wishful thinking, but all this time it was actually and prominently right there in one of our views, the one now mostly blocked by our neighbors newly build extension, thus providing a generous offering of protection, an unsuspected and impossible to conceptualize, but more than valid reason for its presence.

With appropriate suspicion but also an unambiguous enthusiasm we have welcomed the news that our neighbors will finally try and finish their Woe-some Wall within the next three weeks, allowing us to enshroud it in beauty soon and put an end to all the annoyance and tension it created. Happy endings and new beginnings.

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