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True evil can be seductively beautiful

There’s not much of a revelation in divulging, without a doomed-to-fail attempt to appoint both concepts objectively and deprived of taste-sensitive tendencies, that true evil can be seductively beautiful, sweeping you off your feet even if you are aware of its malice, or paradoxically because you are, with this kind of comprehension generating a child-like desire of crossing that bridge you are not supposed to but ardently wish anyway, or so it seems.

Unlike generations before them, who could still pretend they didn’t know, my parents made sure I was very conversant with the dangers of smoking, by holding a big reward in prospect if I refrained from it till at least aged sixteen, trusting that by then pretext would prevail but tragically forgetting about my not so petty pretending skills, that eventually landed me both the proverbial carrot and the addiction.
Like the poster boy for big tobacco’s ingeniously evil strategy of framing free will as the initiator instead of the super addictive toxins they consciously added, especially effective in getting you hooked on a young age, I started puffing when I was eleven, from first try to absolutely lethal quantities rapidly.

Not until three years ago could I fully grasp the magnitude of evil arrogance of an industry literally favoring profit over people, actual business men luridly looking for new possible growth among children, to make up for the loss of customers they killed with their products, and in a sick kind of mind fuck impudently reversing responsibility.

Our pink petunias have quitted by now too, not coincidentally succeeded by spontaneously emerged misleadingly attractive blue Lobelia, with the more telling nicknames Puke Weed, Gag Root and Vomit Wort. The history of the use of this culprit is shocking and dirty, filled with sabotage, deception and unpleasantness and medicine practitioners who did not want their patients to get better, because then they would no longer be customers, exploiting their knowledge that the petals of Lobelia contain a toxin called Lobeline, which is similar to, but much more malevolence than nicotine.

True evil always lures, even at the beautifully disguised Les Pierres.

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