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What in this wonderful world to write about

I’ve been silently hoping for an opportunity to share this recurrent conversation between Ivory and myself, always occurring before I start confabulating with the moon and starting with me whimpering melodramatically not to know what in this wonderful world to write about the next day, to which Ivory, forever cheerful, then expectantly replies: “Your compelling love for me?”, thus brightening up any mood that might linger over the forthcoming night and reassuring my comprehension about what truly makes Les Pierres my home.

I am for sure a severe sucker for soggy love stories and will never apologize for propagandizing its magnanimousness as the ultimate answer to almost anything, even if my ebullient ravings might be putting some off, as I can imagine they will.

When we started dating, when things between us were getting serious I should add, I was much aware of my responsibility not to get in the way of any of his zeal and ambitions, a major consequence of our age difference, more or less noblessely obliging me to promise I’d follow wherever he choose to go. Little was left of that solemn pledge however when we accidentally discovered the beauty of the Berry and I decided to draw my lines in its sand, after years of trailing him meekly and happily, in my defense, but still rather unfortunately timed, with his international career just taking off and wonderful opportunities everywhere but here.

That first of our French years, when I was storming heaven at the chateau whereas he felt lost in turbulent translation, is recorded in my mind as one of our toughest together due to its enticements and dividing properties. It still moves me that it was togetherness nevertheless, not despair, pointing us to this lucky little paradise just around the corner, where balance is so much easier to maintain, though still challenging.

As a romantic reminder not ever to be derailed by anything or anyone that way again, I took cuttings of this most beautiful red rose, lavishly flourishing in a friends garden, to be planted at Les Pierres eventually. They are of course too small to produces flowers yet, hence our repeated nightly conversation, confirming what is and will be.

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