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A rich breeding ground for present and future life

I have no desire to conceal my utter fascination or surprise, nor do I feel obliged to vocally express my ongoing wonderment over and over again, but on frozen days like these, where all life seems to have been pushed back and quite literally halted in its tracks, it’s these green and fresh counter statements that are feeding my self inflicted diet of daily beauty, just as dominantly present as the overwhelming floral seas of summer and telling basically the same stories of continuity albeit on a much smaller canvas, still very discernible if you know where to look and make the effort to do so.

The old stones of Les Pierres are not just exemplifications of surfaces, hues and completions from yesteryear, they are not just there to embolden a spectacular backdrop for our natural surroundings, but above all they form a rich breeding ground for present and future life, their low embodied energy turning them into actual sponges, despite their proverbial solidness, thus detaining a soothing and comforting timelessness, if you’re susceptible to that way of reasoning and determining of course, but I tell you, even if you’re not their detailed individual attractiveness will eventually grab your full attention anyway.

Overgrown by big brother bramble bushes under warmer conditions, the now much more exposed but nevertheless thriving Bryophytes can grow where vascularized plants cannot because they do not depend on roots for an uptake of nutrients from soil, giving a whole new meaning to our ideal of living off grid and living green which in turn makes them the perfect showcase for our life’s vision.

Although a valid reason not to ever touch our stones and instead witness their evolution progress, we have other arguments too for postponing an extension of our currently limited living space into these ruins, mainly of a financial nature, but also because we are not convinced of its consequences for the history and general ambience at Les Pierres.

There is exciting news about that on the horizon, but not to tempt providence to intervene: it’s a long-cherished wish of Ivory that we can hopefully fulfill without much fuss, but will take us a long way forward. Stay tuned!

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