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A value never to be underestimated

I never claimed not to be greedy, hence any quest for a four-leaf clover should in no way be mistaken for a lack of happiness or good fortune, but I’m always affirming my privileges compulsively to avoid misunderstandings, regularly having to pinch myself anyway to take in the beauty of reality and what lies hidden beyond.

Traditionally a clover’s first leaf represents hope, its second stands for faith, third is for love and a fourth one brings luck to the finder. A fifth leaf, exceeding all expectations, equals money and some sources claim six to be fame and seven longevity, though nobody actually knows.

Doing my necessary due diligence online, the coincidental divulging of the in folk traditions kept secret that four-leaf clovers can grant you the power to see fairies, a competence that would come in handy in this magical kingdom of ours where they supposedly have ruled for ages, is all the encouragement I need. Good luck, o giant, since for every four-leaf clover to reveal itself there appears to be ten thousand ordinary trifold leaved copies, and you may have your tracking dog with you but he cannot yet to be of any other service than being adorable, a value never to be underestimated, by the way.

I’ve always been a sucker for sagas and legends, not just personally but professionally as well, having rewritten a lot of these powerful and varied stories for theater, for children like me but ultimately for adults as well, because the magic they so often entail always prove to contain a key towards understanding something about oneself, something profoundly important, not for the morality which often predominates, the clear message we all dread because of its clichéd nature, but for the way less conspicuous feasibility to truly observe yourself in the universe you belong to, at the same time entertaining the thought of something more, because this can’t be all there is, can it?

The inceptive side issue of not succeeding in my quest today, is the revelation this red clover flower brought me, with its striking beauty as usual contradicting my inner wisdom about where the magic I so hanker for truly resides. We don’t need fairies, do we? One day I will learn.

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