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An Outstanding Interest In Titillating Restoratives

Like an automatically operating switch that de-energizes the electrical installation as soon as a leakage of a certain magnitude occurs, I have no available brain cells left in my rather sizable head to think, talk or otherwise communicate about or with anybody else, which is not alarming or even unexpected because welcoming any new puppy in all perspectives is a life altering event, as such entitled to all the headspace it can mentally take control over, but a bit disarranging as well because what if it stays that way from now on and his high cuddliness is merely a pretext for him hijacking my cerebral matter.

It’s not even my own brain capacity but his that plenary occupies my ongoing thoughts, accurately analyzing all the different choices he faces every single moment not spend on growing when asleep, having been made fully aware that it’s up to us to set him up for success, showing him what the right conduct entails and luring him away from bad behavior, quite a responsibility indeed, putting a particularly itchy spotlight on all the misdemeanors I prefer myself but should never be mistaken for common virtues, because I’m me and you’re you, but try to explain that to a bundle of joy with a sponge where his brain should be, destined to repeat whatever is served to him.

I assiduously admire, with a decent amount of jealousy, I freely admit, this unbridled learning ability and the rate at which real and profitable knowledge opens itself up to him, like living permanently on methamphetamine, or any other potent central nervous system stimulant, provoking this ‘When Harry Met Sally’ alike desire pop up in addiction sensitive little me, who has an outstanding interest in titillating restoratives.

Last Monday it was exactly one year ago we send our beloved Fos floating and this hero’s non-appearance still elicits tender tears of loss, not limited to this one day but surely intensified by the bleak memories of his passing. Having a Mec around naturally proved healing, not just as a distraction but for the camouflaging qualities of his presence, packed in adorable cuteness. No pretexts to consider whatsoever, I’ll have what he’s having, shaken, not stirred.

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