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We have three shrubs of blueberries growing at Les Pierres, in between our strawberries. They are still young and are not producing a lot of fruit yet, but we’re hoping that will change once they grow a bit bigger.

We use leftover whey from making our cheeses to keep the soil to their liking. Generally speaking it’s really hard to change the acidity of your soil so this practice could be totally trivial. But since whey has some value as a fertilizer anyway, I figure it won’t hurt. The key is to dilute the whey with water.

One of our shrubs is actually a pink blueberry (because, you know, why not?) called ‘Pink Lemonade’. The berries start off in green, turn white and light pink before they mature to a lovely shade of dark pink. And by now you know how much we like that color.

Trying to make ones life sustainable is more than a personal choice and almost automatically leads to a multitude of decisions you have never even thought of before. On this website we share what works for us, or woefully no longer works, obviously without claiming the same for you.

We hope that our journey towards a supplementary comprehensive celebration of nature’s beauty might just clear a pathway forward for you too, perhaps challenges a revealing reconsideration, or simply provides for an equally indispensable diversion.


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