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Benevolent neutrality keeps me safe in the middle

For the mutineer history proved me to be, faithfully withstanding any and all authority, benevolent neutrality resonates as a deliberate, daunting strategy to keep the peace in our tiny slice of heaven and although I’m not exactly a devout adept through experience, I’m still convinced that as long as I support and endorse both religions, of cats and dogs, if I treat them equally and not show any preferential susceptibilities or measures and actively hail their remunerative effects on our own behavior, it will provide a transcendent base for a thriving morality and will limit the extent of possible conflicts, just by respecting the dignity and autonomy of each individual.

I got caught up in divorce, quarrels, squabbles and tussles myself once too often to safely wash my hands in divine innocence and must have made some unforgivable mistakes too out of spite, desire for revenge or even a misplaced sense of victimization, yet never truly learned to embrace the glorification of ‘not taking any sides’. Introducing Mec into the lives of our two other babies, who were pretty content with how arrangements were made before and initially understandably dismissive of the alteration, might motivate me just enough to go back to school on that subject, by not identifying myself too much with either one of them and reside in my role of referee.

It’s clearly megalomania to think that I am the center of their worlds, that they only seek rapprochement to Mec to get closer to me again, but I’m sure they’ll forgive me my lack of submission to their real rationale. It helps me observe their impressive and diverse tactics at close quarters and to not take part or side but provide safety for all.

Rebel still enters the house, using his compelling voice to demand access whenever it pleases him and take a central position closest to Mec for his meticulous grooming, ignoring any danger. As a result, future friendship is forever settled. Saffron runs a slower schedule as he was never forced into anything before, let alone love. His way of coping involvs new hide-outs and running rampant whenever it comes too close. Benevolent neutrality keeps me safe in the middle, for now.

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