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All the other delicacies that are still lurking out there

This is definitely the time of year where I start to get overwhelmed by the shear amount of work even a small property like Les Pierres puts on the table. That’s how it usually begins to shift, when I start talking about work instead of opportunities. Still talking food, by the way, so not even construction or maintenance.

I haven’t properly started yesterday’s gooseberry wine, yet all I think of is picking the spectacular amount of sour cherries from the trees and start some kind of processing scheme for them. Like the gooseberries, they are really special this year, juicy and shining but their abundance frightens me. No way am I going to let them perish, but there’s always the limiting factor of lack of storage space to deal with. My head feels like a rolodex of recipes, never written down (because I don’t do recipe’s) but meticulously stored on brain cards, flipping back and forth. Make a plan, start, change the plan, start over, no wait, scroll back, don’t cook them, freeze them, dry them, soak them, drown them. Or just eat them, eat them now, because it’s their season.

Having done this so many times before doesn’t calm me down either. It just makes me very aware of all the other delicacies that are still lurking out there, waiting for maturity. We did cut back on the plum trees actually last fall, but still, they are coming.

The thing to avoid is getting paralyzed by the decadence of it, I tell myself, because that will lead to the opposite outcome. Just focus and get to work. No rest for the wicked. 

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3 years ago

Good recipe for cherries: 3 layers, cherries at the bottom, crushed amaretti biscuits next, then top layer of half marscapone, half greek yoghurt (sweetened if you like). It needs to be assembled last minute otherwise the biscuits go soft. Lovely balance of flavours.

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