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An uninterrupted trust in the bigger forces at work

Several disparate but impermeable impressions imposed themselves this week as our world turned and transitioned into an all enclosed autumn that leaves me ignorant of its timetable and interchangeability but blissful for registering its relentless beauty and with an uninterrupted trust in the bigger forces at work, impelling me to stay indoors yet seduce me to go outside at the same time because there are no concluding choices when at long last you’ve found your personal paradise.

Firing up our wood stove has all but unnoticeably become part of my early morning routine again, sparked by the chills I feel while Young Mec is taking his first of many more to come, as well as by his insistence of going straight in immediately after, offended by the same tardiness that previously played precisely into the hands of his curious and wandering self, my poor dependent baby. However, our efforts to repair and improve our chimney this summer have clearly been so effective that the heat it now provides urges me to move as soon as possible to our as of yet unheated cat cave, a place I avoided to invade for months to generously allow Safran and Rebelle a chance to rule their smelly reign, but they seem happy enough to share once more, inviting back cherished memories.

The tiny window this room enwraps shares its view with the movie theater we created in our backyard, the impressive outlook all visitors of Les Pierres rave about, a valley of green pastures bordered by winding hedges, the bocage scenery that has inspired many famous impressionists but we simply and disrespectfully just call home. We incorporated this view into our daily lives and made pretty sure it was spotlighted always, as if we needed a warrant, a rationale to explain our prolonged presence here, as if we don’t belong.

“Let’s explore”, Ivory said, while dragging our car down one of the exits close to our home, but never before surveyed. I instantly agreed. It had been ages since we travelled anywhere to lighten our moods. The beautiful lake we disclosed this way, only a whiff from our home, who knew, ignited a whole new dream, an unknown universe already anchored in my heart. King of this mountain, am I?

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