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Its Importance Lying Far Beyond Shared Joy

I vividly remember the shock imposed on me by the negative connotation this adept psychoanalyst used while trying to make the subject of symbiosis negotiable during our sessions, a pulling-the-rug kind of experience that I never saw coming but seriously should have, considering its relevance not just to my relational strenuousness at the time but more importantly to the moral code I familiarized myself with since childhood, convinced this was one of life’s important goals to relentlessly strive for without ever paying attention to the disastrous consequences for my independence, for example by stubbornly confusing it with harmony.

True value for my money, you could say, that shrink, generously providing emotional encouragement, at long last culminating into values to live by, all the more beneficial when sharing a paradise like Les Pierres with exceptionally little private space and literally nowhere to hide but inside ourselves.
That is not a shoddy shelter, by the way, and we very much took advantage of its solitariness processing the loss of our dog Fos, about a year ago, who in many ways proved to have been the cement between our daily personal lives, the connecting constituent who’s significant presence we took for granted, not consciously realizing its importance lying far beyond shared joy.

My insatiable hunger for narrative connections, having read this book on hard-wrenching losses several times before and truly memorized what’s healing, brought my internal gaze to many litters of new friends, alluringly displayed on the internet, without ever bringing it up with Ivory, who recently confessed to similar deviations from the agreed path of not committing ourselves again, because it always ends bad, but maybe this time it won’t, end.

Thoughtful and well-advised decisions may not exactly be our forte, often staging our giant hearts where our heads should be, always very capable of identifying practical objections but even better at dismissing them, but the symbiotically timed eviction of both our appreciated hide-outs, official homecoming in only four weeks from now, would even shed a tear from my former therapist, I’m sure.

Nous vous présentons Mec!

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