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Old land like this breathes insurmountable magic

We are so fortunate to live in fairyland, as Ivory so aptly described in a story he wrote, narrating his quest to find the fairy rock featuring in an ancient local legend of which they lost the ending he aimed to return, accompanied by a neighbor who’s as similarly gripped by mystery, but almost to his own surprise it turned into a beautiful requiem for our beloved Fos, offering him his forever chair in these surroundings, where we will never leave him behind.

Old land like this breathes insurmountable magic, whether you’re prone to it or not, and adding a new creature this past year has been a fascinating experience. Young Mec has certainly taken his time to settle in, but enchantment being his middle name by birth, no questions were ever raised about his amalgamation.
I immediately admit that we once looked forward to him passing the One-Year Mark that materializes next Monday and is commonly linked to adulthood, but I’m just as eager to confess I cherish him being my biggest baby.

Whilst demanding full control of our days, his jaunty joy has given us so many new leases on life that we never knew before, it’s imminently impossible not to be lyrical and still recognize his sovereign reign, no matter the depth of the also omnipresent frustration of always at least one of us being thoroughly lost in translation.

An unexpected dinner guest yesterday, our hairdresser/friend Yvette who’s a natural dog-whisperer too, turned into the long awaited return of a more straightforward reality when she taught us how to teach our boy to release and relax, words never uttered before in his limited vocabulary. If you’d have experienced this creature’s behavior in all its exuberance you would certainly and wholeheartedly praise her gentle works as nothing short of a miracle in itself.

This vital force that has taken these lands by storm as if there were never forerunners, building the incessant stream of first fruits that our camera’s were more often hindered from than able to capture, is slowly adjusting to life inside our tiny house that he obviously needs to share with us giants, a concept we unfortunately have not touched on yet. But that’s okay, we have chairs too.

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