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Focus on the correct direction and not allow others to transform you

Having bragged circumstantially about the magical creatures we share Les Pierres with, wether it be angels or fairies, it seems unfair not to also expose the less benevolent entities we realize are out there but prefer to ignore until we explicitly can’t, like the winding viper on our doorstep last night, brought to our attention by Cabybat, a wacky distortion of the baby cat better known as Rebel, our one year old tabby kitten, too brave or naive to fear any danger in this potential playmate to interact with, driving us screeching gay guys into peaking panic mode instantly, with apologies to the neighboring members of the same club for the stigmatizing use of this stereotype, and everyone else for the inconvenience.

Our ophidiophobia, actually the most common reported abnormal fear, isn’t as bad as it used to be and pales in comparison to that of a friend, who straightway hangs in a lamp post when in a glimpse spotting a piece of rope lying in the street, wakes up screaming in hotel rooms she then has to flee from because of the infinite invasion of serpents creeping through the air conditioner, you know, the real debilitating kind of uneasiness that is hilarious to watch but must be grueling to endure.

We commonly use this knowledge, the innate negative reaction to poisonous gliders once vital for survival, to warn visitors who bring their kids along not to allow them to play in our ruin by referring to the previous owner, who had to be rushed to hospital after a serious viper bite, moreover because Dutch parents are never very strict in supervision anyway and stoking a little fear works wonders.

Being the pacifists we are, determined to live by letting live, I’m not proud of the sequel to our scary discovery, involving a stick, a heavy stone and Ivory saying “Sorry, poor little darling”. We apprise ourselves it was for our cats sake but are punished with an irrational and unbearable thought, a prophesy of horror and massacres to come: ‘where there’s one there’s many’.

A similar encounter indeed followed this morning, but this Fox Moth caterpillar had a more uplifting spiritual message: focus on the correct direction and not allow others to transform you.

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