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Connecting Reality With Anything Higher To Make It More Special

As giants we are drawn to use the word magic as often as we can, though admittedly we mostly apply the term rather loosely in connecting reality with anything higher to make it more special than it already is. When we are truly happy and at ease, our use of the term even increases exponential, I noticed, as if somehow that feeling is indisputably brought to life by a mystical force, dictating us how lucky we are to be an indivisible part of the miracles that take place at les Pierres.
We incite our magic view, our magic old stones and our magic garden with a form of sharp focus realism that could easily be perceived as grotesque by someone unfamiliar with its history.

The area we live in, Le Berry Magique, has long cultivated a popular and international reputation for being the main center of French witchcraft, where sorcerers forged connections between nature and the hereafter that made them understand the world around them and turned them into masters of predicting what could follow. Obviously we lack those skills completely, but there seems to be no harm in pretending.

Of course I did not literally run into fairies yesterday, dancing around the flowers of the Buddleja bushes we planted when we moved here and that have grown to become the perfect yard fence. The elegant flying techniques of these Hummingbird Hawk Moths however make it easy for them to pose as such, so who am I to spoil that fun.

In fact, research told me they are actually spirit helpers hovering ever-near to assist in all changes within and help us understand that this universe of possibilities is only limited in our minds and by our minds. When one shows up in your life, you should to all intents and purposes consider it to be a messenger for change. Given the large number I encountered yesterday, that change is going to be significant. How exciting, I can’t wait!

On a more down to earth note, I also educated myself about the larvae of this bewitched creature and its preference for devouring tomato plants and other nightshades, thus potentially completely changing the outlook of our veggie garden by making it magically disappear.
It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

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