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Having a heart that dwells in activities

Great excitement yesterday at the p’tit domaine berrichone, where we entertained our first dinner guests in months. Being locked up here because of the virus has been a truly enlightening experience for us and we keep telling each other how lucky we are. Hearing that from somebody else for a change turns out to be really pleasing too.

Personally I feel like I am still recuperating from the life we lived before, fraught with self-imposed obligations, travel schedules and an infinite number of social engagements. While the world is discussing ways of getting back to normal as soon as possible, I keep noticing how exorbitant that former life had become and how much I prefer the decelerated pace of today’s universe. Can we please hold on to that a tiny bit longer?

At the same time I realize this hermit mode we so thoroughly enjoyed can’t be a forever thing, having a heart that dwells in activities that require an atmosphere of sharing. There’s all kinds of molecules that change subtly but distinctively when you invite people to enter your private bubble. Last night’s conviviality made me aware just how much I have missed that.

It’s probably all about finding the right balance. That has never been my forte, except when it comes to creating new flavour combinations. It’s about time that I learn from my mouth.

(Cucumber slices with homemade tarragon cream cheese, gooseberry, fennel flower and piment d’espelette)

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