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It’s okay to splurge every now and then

An After-Corona-Birthday-Celebration lured us away from our little paradise yesterday to the age-old abbey of anniversary-girl Anne De Varennes for a delightful performance by our talented friend Liv Monaghan and a proper sit down dinner. Same chef as the night before, li’l ol’ me, cooking linguine carbonara with green asparagus and magret de canard.

Planning desert gave me a chance to finally return to my pastry roots. It has literally been a year since I baked a proper birthday cake. That one was admittedly a whole lot bigger, having to serve more than forty people. Yesterday’s extravagance was reduced to a party of only six, but that could not spoil my anticipation.

Baking has been one of my biggest passions since childhood and there have been extended periods in my life where I simply had to bake on a daily base. Unfortunately our current low carb diet prevents me from regularly executing the flow of ideas, always whirling around in my head, heavily inspired by sugar and other sweet concoctions. So when an opportunity does arise, like yesterday, I instantly turn into a happy baker again and gladly forget about all the harmful effects on our health. It’s okay to splurge every now and then.

Some of the cherries I was so eager to start picking this week ended up in this chocolate bomb and I am happy to report that it paired beautifully with the accompanying champagne. Happy days are here again.

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