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Helping dogs to better communicate with us humans

Unambiguously irresistible, instantly wheeling us in as they would anyone, gracefully exposing a bottomless pit of love all would want to dive and float around in, all premeditated prepense about those puppy eyes with the raised eyebrows, the iconic result of an evolution of thousands of years helping dogs to better communicate with us humans, not necessarily for mutual benefit but surely for their own, became futile on our first visit to Mec a couple of weeks ago, just as I had carefully tried to warn Ivory, who is going through these moving motions for the first time.
Pretending to fear that hereditary happy connection on forehand, because of its inevitability and indissolubility, or its painful parallel with his predecessor, does not protect you from it one little bit, especially if your married to a softy like me.

We are about ready for him to move in and change all of our lives substantially, decisively disrupt the trust we have built so cautiously with Saffron and Rebel, who will unprecedentedly hate us with a vengeance, no doubt, missing that previously named gene smoothening their initial glance, but they’ll get around in time, once they realize my heart is big enough for all of them and I urgently require a common getting along and will not accept a side by side when it comes to family matters, not in this paradise, I don’t. Around dinner time I bet, being familiar with their conditions.

The French president, in his press conference last night, casted some doubt on that readiness by announcing yet another Covid lock down, or lock up, or as we like to refer to it: not a huge change in our pace or habits, pre-Mec. I’m quite sure it will all work itself out and won’t cause any homecoming dramas or delays next week Sunday, but just this thought crossing my mind made my heart ache, roughly where Fos resides since his passing, boy, those genes have an effect like Fisherman’s Friends, true tear jerking terrors indeed.

While I’m counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds to become Mec’s most important number one, Ivory’s mostly concerned about the imminent imposing loss on Mec’s mom, consequently revealing why we are such a good match. (Fingers crossed.)

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