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How easy personal boundaries can be lost when targeted

The urge to hymn the view from our bathroom, soothingly vaporizing all from mind and soul even when caught at glance, dominantly drawing you towards its humbling horizon, blow minds and fill hearts, at least that’s how it cocoons me, that urge obviously stems from before the war broke, painfully sending all beauty affray, a more than tragic but apparent fate: these heroic colors of Ukraine are suddenly omnipresent and invoke a universal fear for what’s to come, not unlike how that same sun in the unstoppable Spring will shade a blue and yellow sky into a sanguineous incarnadine to forever reminisce.

Ivory’s recent lengthy publication in a major Dutch newspaper, not lightening this mood much but in all its complicated aspects especially now a recommendable read, unfolds the compelling stories of three whistleblowers exposing the painful details of sexual, psychological and financial abuse to warn off others of the cult of Bentinho Massaro, a spiritual influencer and malignant narcissist with more than a million followers all over the world, who claims to be more enlightened than Jesus Christ, yet could not bring himself to respond to their accusations other than by saying he regrets to have taught the undeserved.

Being married to a journalist features many luring rabbit holes to dive into, different outtakes on life in general to try and relate myself to and some pretty mind-blowing conversations at the daily dinner table touching parallel experiences in our own not-even-that-long-ago lives and how easy personal boundaries that should be set in stone can be lost when targeted.

The braveness with which these people dare to face probable public scrutiny, falling that hard for a clear charlatan, as well as Ivory’s accurate clarification of the sliding scales in play when such deceit floods ones judgement are an inspiration and a warning: it can happen to everyone.

The consolation Les Pierres’ view offers, skimming past the community we ran from by only a few inches, leaves traces and burps of its bad aftertaste and it connects seamlessly with that comprehension: it is worth sharing and by doing so desiderate a similar safety for all, just around the corner.

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