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Instinctively Committing To The Foreverness Of The Purchase

Progress takes time, such a profound cliche and fairly topical with all of us still anxiously observing how painstakingly slow things unfold while the counting of votes proceeds, when we were hoping for a quick and total fix of overdue unfairness, so this is just me throwing another clincher, like one would throw a handful of spaghetti against the wall to see what will stick, not the debris usually, hopefully, but the ready to digest part of the prepared dish, cooked to perfection.
My comprehension of something as abstract as the ticking of a clock and the influence the elusive driving force behind it has on my day to day life has never been properly aligned with reality, which pictures me impatient, I guess, an obnoxious quality for someone with an equally strong devotion for impossible time-consuming jobs.

There’s many ingredients that go into obtaining goals, dreams or successes, but for a never say never kind of guy nothing will be as transparent, illogical or an undeployable means to an end as time. I cherish the days I can move mountains in minutes, sadly sparse at the moment, only to be entirely blindsided by the viscosity of the successive day, when those same tasks take forever to complete, with no identifiable cause for this annoying shift.

Buying our p’tit domaine Les Pierres enkindled a rupture in this unremitting mistrust of time’s impact, by instinctively committing to the foreverness of the purchase, instead of an ongoing yearn to keep moving. Whatever happens, this personal paradise and the path our moving in has send us on will not be lost and knowing this has furthermore changed my perspective on progress and its desired speed.

The Virginia Creeper plants or five-leaved ivy we planted against the North East wall of the cottage earlier this year, have grown amazingly fast through summer and did already, in their first autumn, offer the beautiful discoloration into the forceful red us leaf peepers get all excited about, but are long off from portraying the vision I have in my mind for them. But when mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

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