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The Appurtenant Narrative Easily Tempts Me Into Meandering Exaggeration

Everything’s apparently hanging in the balance, at least that’s what they keep saying over and over again on this screen I’ve been glued to for days, thus rubbing it in that any repudiation and hope of return to normalcy and calm is still opposed by much of a muchness of hate and chaos, the only smile on my face being brought to life by the anchor’s profound use of the Yiddish word ‘verkakte’, which only sounds funny but means shitty or crappy, with a definite reference to defecation in my mother tongue too, hence the grin.

Just this word, but obviously reinforced by the current situation in America, brings back straight but reeking memories to a down in the dumps incident I swore to never speak about in public again, in honor of the permanent trauma it caused, but necessity knows no law. The actual story ties together me, a well attended chateau easter party unfortunately causing a severe blockage in a sewer pipe situated high upon a ceiling, little understanding of skills needed to resolve this problem but serious good intentions of helpfulness, and one ladder only just high enough for a balanced reach, or so I thought before taking into account the pressure released when opening the valve.

The appurtenant narrative easily tempts me into meandering exaggeration so is probably best kept safely tucked away from me by your ability to imagine and my ardent need to remain eloquent, with only one aspect worthy to push forward in its real redefinition of the words messy and smelly. Oh, and this: the problem wasn’t resolved by my heroic but dimwitted performance and the meanwhile engaged plumber suffered the same fate the next day, somewhat saving my ego. The epic clean up, thematically summarized in the French saying ‘Après nous, le déluge’, also includes relevant comparison to present day USA, but I’ll spare you.

With everything hanging in the balance, even the deliverance of our winter wood becomes significant and telling. On their trailer each block was neatly stacked, the result of routine and craftsmanship, but apparently chaos was just around the corner, creating another heavy task for today. Verkakte!

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