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It’s never blunting but contrast that comforts me unrivaled

The most apparent hypothesis probably lies hidden in the bright pink sky I woke up to this morning, a generous gift of mother nature to compensate for the downfall of flowers in this favorable color, because I wouldn’t know what else to look for to explain the subtle but pronounced mood shift, like an inner mirth all will be right, without consciously knowing this credence was previously absent or that it was worth fussing over anyway.
All was long since right and perfect, wasn’t it? The entanglement does not distract from the beauty, on the contrary, it appears someone has lifted this blanket, a very pink one indeed, and now it’s up for grabs.

If only I’d be able to register the normal gradual atrophies in sentiment with the same mindfulness as their liberating counterparts, I sometimes muse, a contradictory pastime in itself because it would ultimately lead to the extinction of similar revelations.

Like when my psychiatrist, after two years of in-depth discussions and an ego ravaged, finally got me to take antidepressants, not as a last resort but a handy aid to help me identify troughs and avoid peaks, supposedly because I would benefit from the tranquility. Initially I was lyrical about the effects of these tablets, making me regret not having taken them two years prior, so that we could have left out the psychoanalysis and the dismal attendant doomsday thoughts, but once the flattening of the curve had set in, I realized I would never truly be one to accept life without its hysterical pinnacles, promising new apotheoses.

It’s a personal choice, I guess, not everyone might view the emotional blunting caused by these tablets in the same way and apparently it correlates directly to the severity of depression before treatment, but my idolization of the highs definitely outweighed any fear of lows to come, so I vowed to never surrender to these drugs again.

A simple life close to nature like we try to accomplish at Les Pierres seems to provide a more effective response to any navigational errors and mad maneuvers through emerging storms. This morning’s pink performance has manifested once again it’s never blunting but contrast that comforts me unrivaled.

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