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Maybe It’s Just Because They Are Peppy Pink

Apparently it’s party time at Les Pierres today, but before you’ll get all excited you should know that with regards to the importance of age for me it’s mind over matter and since I don’t, it doesn’t.

Each year I assiduously try to ignore my birthday coming up, a completely useless endeavour because Ivory will do whatever it takes to convince me otherwise by constantly asking me if I’m nervous yet, starting days before, cumulating into his inquiry how I feel now that the big day has finally arrived, a question that by his rules can only be answered by recalling and describing in detail a memory of the most special event of the past x years. He has his own birthday in winter and just can’t sympathise with wanting to turn down an opportunity for a summer party.

There’s no specific reason for me to be so grumpy old men about the concept of celebrating birth and no traumatic events come to mind marking me for life. On the contrary: I don’t remember anything but friends and family going out of their way to make me feel loved and appreciated, so this birthday blues of mine is all childish affectation and I should have learned by now how to conduct myself better.
So, happy birthday to little ol’ me, yay! Still vibrant, were I to believe the American media, praising Biden’s choice for Kamala Harris as ‘giving the ticket some youth’. By citing that here you’ll get an indication of my newly reached age.

Now to quickly change the subject to a more comfortable topic, still linked of course because everything always is: this is the first time in my life I have planted geraniums.
In Holland these flowers are narrowly related to old age and spending your days clogged behind a window that has it’s sill overcrowded with them as if they were life’s solely left messengers of cheerfulness. They simply never crossed my mind before, but thoroughly enjoying them now might be a sign of things to come ? Then again, maybe it’s just because they are peppy pink and the remainder is my worrisome birthday talking.

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Sarah Reed
3 years ago

Happy Friday to you.

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