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The coming wintertime dormancy being private and invisible

This increasing, worldly obsession of overly glorifying the culprit, any culprit or malfeasant, as if raging fires need be fought off with tremendously bigger fires and lies become irreplaceable truths by simply accusing ones counterpart of just that, mistaken for a sign of strength as opposed to its true moral frailty and demise, substantially spiking my coffee addiction and thus regularly overwhelming me and my innate sense of justice, my aversion to injustice I should say, especially now that it seems to be dripping through into personal relationships more and more, only forcing me to validate the mess we’re in, all of us, together.

It’s also why I wholeheartedly welcome this new lock down, with a little more wariness than the previous one because then at least Spring arose, because it will return our focus on who we love and how and that can never be a bad thing.

In this dysfunctional family of mine, where substantial communication is not self-evident, some say sparse, but at best incomplete and unfinished, which does ensure a general thriving as individuals without too many complications, an email from a cousin naturally stands out, especially since with it she was notifying me of the passing of her mother, my aunt, some time ago but she forgot to send me the obituary, thereby underscoring the awkwardness of our absent contact, aggravated by my recent fall-out with her son, an online life-coach who in my view used the current corona crisis for his own personal gain and I obviously could not not say something about that, being the relentless moral knight I am.

I can’t deny being moved by her desire to reconnect with her family, expressed in a follow-up email, knowing very well what loss of ones mother can entail and bring forth, but at the same time found myself replying a possible visit might take a while to materialize, relieved to be using this confinement as the main cause for the delay.

The coming wintertime dormancy being private and invisible, even more so now because of Corona, might prove to be essential to future’s vitality. This time of year there’s an ongoing raging fire in the heart of our house, and for once that’s a good, centering thing.

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