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The game changer it finally turned out to be

Admittedly, it took quite a bit of incentive from Ivory, my own mind being set on moving inwards through the promise of a cosy warm cat cave and hours to spent musing about life, forcing me to decline his invitation as usual by referring to my due to overuse and rheumatism worn out knee that morphs me into a hobbling giant and not very nice company, but this time that seed of travesty fell on a too rocky ground because of his background as a nurse, with which he convinced me that a joint walk could very well be the game changer it finally turned out to be.

My strenuous focus on Les Pierres since the first Covid lockdown in March, reinforced by not having a dog to walk but a small kingdom to manage, has kept me quite sternly in the immediate vicinity of our house for months, too preoccupied with local wonders and tiny details of bountiful beauty to be engrossed by the bigger seduction I know is out there, not just from Ivory’s daily reports.

On his walks he had spotted a property he wanted us to take a closer look at, for it might be coming on the market and we regularly entertain the thought of expanding our little French empire, like taking a test drive in a possible but still imaginary future, as an innocent distraction but with a whispering consequential undertone.

We spent about half an hour fantasizing, weighing pros, cons and feasible strategies, including the favorite Dutch pastime of purchasing it as cheap as possible, tricky with this one because the current owners are Dutch too, muddying the waters. We left cheerfully with a shared conclusion of attainable but not very likely, extending our route back home by taking a preferred detour to be overwhelmed by the allurement of the moment, the magic, the colors, everything.

To be the proud owner of a paradise residing in paradise should be enough to withstand any urge for cocooning, regardless of cat-caves and knees. When the message is that compelling, so totally encompassing by touching all senses, all pettiness must be discarded. “You will never walk alone again”, I overheard myself say to Ivory, underscoring my intentions with my known sense of drama. And a secret not to be revealed here yet.

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