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The Most Outrageous Illustration Of This Hubris

The Gods of Les Pierres, a bunch of vigorous but elusive wildnesses that usually gets the blame for everything I myself can offer no specific or logical reason or explanation, suddenly started touching a question I was not as yet aware I had asked and they have ruled: I am to start digging and dragging stones again.

Being awfully distinct about it, without much room to maneuver and completely ignoring my usual distraction techniques, the pitiful excuses that I deploy when physical labor is in prospect, my justified references to limitations due to illnesses and general weaknesses, they were only willing to discuss the timeline and lastly granted me some respite, but only until temperatures finally drop, praise be their sundial.

This deification is known to happen when a romantic posturer like me is convinced he has a path but needs no plan but his bravado to show for it, except perhaps last years terrace building project that, even without prior knowledge or skills, turned into an appreciated addition to our summery lives. My attitude tackling impossible jobs has time and time again proven to be my forte and I’ve learned to rely on its merits.

The most outrageous illustration of this hubris, but I’m as okay calling it overestimation of self, is probably when I was still running the nauseating rat race and applied for a fancy-ass job at one of the biggest Dutch companies, by its own rule only employing people educated by the top five consultancy agencies.

I submitted an entirely fantasized curriculum, sprung from my unbridled imagination, mentioning artificial work experience at organizations with debauched names like ‘Seven Mountains of Desire’ but much to my own surprise I got hired anyway and ended up working there for about a year and a half, completely clueless and in constant anticipation of being exposed for the liar I was, which never happened, in itself an important indication as to why the department subsequently went bankrupt and I received a generous compensation for another two years without having to put in any work.

Woven this way, karma is kind of a barbed boomerang and these Gods of Les Pierres certainly have a valid rationale. I’ll dig it.

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