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The Start Of A Carefree Life

Had I not before expressed my sincere disdain for Edward Murphy and the despicable law attributed to him, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so, not just as a symbolical regurgitation of yesterday’s disaster but simply portraying the current annihilation of Les Pierres basic structures with an accurate sense of aversion and victimization, how else could one interpret the sudden need to break open a bedroom wall in search of the likely location of a frozen pipe that further disjointed the bathroom, impractical before because of the persistent sewage problems, but overnight rendered redundant by the intense cold, having us seriously considering evacuation over one last cup of coffee.

A somewhat milder view on adversity would still ridicule the universe’s timing, having just recently cheerfully celebrated paying off the last piece of debt related to the purchase of our beloved property as being the start of a carefree life, little did we pretend to know of what we obviously should have, bearing in mind the many warning signs. To be more specific, it’s not so much the amount of structural work needed that is throwing me off balance, but the illogical way these problems keep presenting themselves, causing my brain to fry.

Unlike in chateau years, where the owner’s imposed motto when running into trouble was to patiently wait until another, more urgent problem arose, only to repeat that mantra again and again, I like to think solution-oriented and get quite frustrated when unsuccessful.

Another imminent memory related to yesterday’s events is even more shameful yet memorably funny and involves Ivory, working at another friend’s chateau with toilet issues, forcing him to poop outside in the snow, where he got caught in the act by a passing neighbor.

Because home is where the heart is and the beauty this frost creates outside for that matter combines seamlessly with our young Mec rapidly overcoming his trepidation of cold by relentlessly exploring the great outdoors, you’d be happy to hear I did manage to postpone dislodgment by finding the frostbite and it did not cause any leakage after all. It wasn’t inside that wall though, might you wonder, obviously.

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