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Numerating the most urgent construction work

The frost that came over us lately, described by our usual wood suppliers as for sure related to the absence of airplanes that would have otherwise heated up the atmosphere, roguishly spoken I hope, the sparked increase in their normal sales leading to their cheerfulness more than them actually believing this too simple explanation of global warming, but still, this frost has miraculously covered the patterns of chaos left by unfinished outside chores in ways just snow couldn’t, so now all I need is an excuse for the inside ones.

Too cold for comfort and dealing with a low energy for almost everything, chaos is still on the rise at Les Pierres: even though I thought I fixed the blocked sewage, yesterdays use of the washing machine begettered a mysterious flood in the cat cave, where Ivory had only just installed himself, also running the dryer that’s hidden in one of the corners, oh these considerations out of lack of space, only to be left in the dark and come running inside for my rescue. Water and electricity obviously don’t mix, but it took me a good part of an hour to figure out it wasn’t the flood causing the power outage but an extension cord too lightweighted to serve both the dryer and the heater, of course after I pulled everything apart and created an epic mess.

Wise enough, a couple of days ago we started a list numerating the most urgent construction work and located needed funds, which should have reassured my brain cells on a much deeper level than it actually did, given yesterdays demoralization. That even the smallest house for miles can provide such an extensive arsenal of pressing jobs seems like a never-ending story of which I keep forgetting the punch line, leaving aside the intermitted household chores needed to keep things running smoothly anyway.

Even when all is frozen and imaginable either asleep or dead, comfort comes from the beauty outside, where the fractals of our Romanesco Broccoli form patterns of chaotic equations, relatively simple if you know how they have come to be but nevertheless triggering out-of-space descriptions. This must be one of natures most stunning examples of getting somewhere step by step.

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