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This blossom of all things beautiful, peaches promised

Uninterruptedly seized by the hammering waltz of that draconian war, like a sinister boundless haze recalling that human’s intent is by instinct driven to destroy, it feels almost obscene to punctiliously perceive its opposite by planting a tree.

To observe life literally flourish into this blossom of all things beautiful, peaches promised, must be the salacious and soothing grace of our tiny domain, ours as in all of us.

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Trying to make ones life sustainable is more than a personal choice and almost automatically leads to a multitude of decisions you have never even thought of before. On this website we share what works for us, or woefully no longer works, obviously without claiming the same for you.

We hope that our journey towards a supplementary comprehensive celebration of nature’s beauty might just clear a pathway forward for you too, perhaps challenges a revealing reconsideration, or simply provides for an equally indispensable diversion.

Can we change the world through food? We believe we can and we support Slow Food, a global movement of local communities and activists across more than 160 countries. Together we defend cultural and biological diversity, promote food education and the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills.

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