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Wildflowers Showing Up Wherever Beauty’s Lost Its Way

Being a giant generally enfolds the vigor of taking all matters regarding size with the utmost humbleness and this might not surprise you as much as it puzzles me sometimes, because according to common character traits our brains never match our bodies and even the smallest person can always outsmart the biggest colossus, thus providing proof that intelligence is more important than magnitude and at the same time transforming us into favorable figures from fairy tales, stupid maybe but in an endearing way.

I imagine our neighbors no longer share in this liking of our largenesses and since they have finished their enormous Woesome Wall we feel it’s up to us to restore balance by closing the remaining gap between our properties, at least in the veggie garden. As a start we ordered a small additional garden shed that we plan to connect with the existing one with a wooden fence, thus turning this dire situation in our advantage.

It was pleasant enough seeing his gigantic truck meticulously steering downhill to deliver our tiny shed, compressed into an even smaller package, but the whole thing became downright hilarious when the driver took pity on our apparent astray proportions and returned the next day for an unordered encore, accompanied with a curt “Celui-ci est plus grand. De rien”.

This comically compassionate driver probably expected Hansel and Gretel and got properly puzzled, thus he not only enlarged my job of assembling but generously provided ample opportunity for a free expansion of Les Pierres outbuildings.

Many are mystified by the fanciful conundrum of us giants living a small life, misguided by the time we spend structurally planning and organizing our gardens, sketching combinations that could work for our concept of belongingness, whether for beauty or food.

It’s no small task to effectively and responsibly manage even a p’tit domaine like Les Pierres, but in trying to do just that, it has become more and more manifest to us that an expanded view leans substantially on a focus outwards, where things happen not because we force them, but because they just do, like wildflowers showing up effortlessly wherever beauty’s lost its way.

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