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Unveiling their secrets to us so eloquently enchanted

While pondering the beauty we’re comfortably embedded in, my favorite pastime on any given day but remarkably intensified by this autumnal light that ornately puts all previously known magic to shame, I’m always quite anxious not to turn a blind eye to the barbarous part of these savage hills, for homely as they are there’s always a price to pay, ostensibly for unveiling their secrets to us so eloquently enchanted.

All too often we are taken in awe by the resplendence that nature regularly displays, up to the point where we start to consider its occurrence cannot be but linked to our personal welfare, washing our hands in blamelessness by shamelessly adjusting to the numerous dead animals we unintentionally spot on the first confrontational zone between our world and theirs, our roads, lately predominantly hedgehogs, instinctively driven to find a safe place for their mandatory hibernation. We console ourselves by claiming their demise came as fast as our cars travelled and we denominate it humane. We pass. We forget.

Proof that nature even outclasses us in cruelty was returned the other day, when Young Mec and Ivory brought home a found hedgehog, barely alive, literally being eaten from the inside by thousands of maggots, covered in eggs of more grossness to come. There’s laws and wisdom about intervening in such natural agony, so I warned Ivory not to talk too much to the pitiful creature if he was to return to the wild, a noble but laughable pursuit when dealing with the biggest heart a giant can enwrap that thus already was occupied with providing the Old World mammal with a proper name.

Cleaning Freddy, trying to free him from his countless tormentors almost one by one, will forever be on top of our list of things unimaginably atrocious, abhorrent and unsavory and caused sleepless nights of reviving nightmares, but was nevertheless enforced by his heart and rewarded with hope for the future, all of our futures.

As his magically brought-back life, comfortably curled up against a hot water bottle after eating by himself, his death came unexpected but humanely quick, at least that’s how we denominate it, in all our ignorance. We pass, but will not forget.

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