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A brave new world has been on my mind

Lately a brave new world has been on my mind, in part because of the unexpected unraveling of a Dutch political right wing movement that disseminated detestable views by promoting conspiracy theories, an irreversible implosion the newspapers say but this is no time to be euphoric just yet, but mostly because of the lifting of some the covid measures that prevented us to wander from home further than a kilometer and there is still so much beauty to beckon on the horizon, giving future ambitions potential. As of today we are allowed out further, a long awaited luxury.

While the quote in its uplifting praise of mankind comes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the sarcasm linked to it by Aldous Huxley’s character John the Savage in his dystopian social science fiction novel with the same title, has never resonated completely with me and for me brave as well as new equal constructive reverberations you can wake me up for any time, even when confined.

Almost thirty years after writing Brave New World, Huxley revisited his themes in a non-fiction work in which he considered whether the world had moved toward or away from his vision of the future from the 1930’s and concluded that the we were becoming like his figments much faster than he originally thought we would. His fearful, by then old universe integrating in reality let him to examine the effects of drugs and subliminal suggestion, conceptual techniques of indoctrination that are much more refined these days.

At Les Pierres we drink wine, some days too much, and go for walks. The inspiring messages and direction indicators we get from both, concealed and revealed, are clearly happier, except Ivory’s hangover, resulting in a carb fest this morning. A new world for him to be brave in, I reckon.

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