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I know this is the language of fools speaking

Blessed be the restless, the forever moving forward, trying to find ways to connect. Meanwhile, I’m hiding from the returned rain, in a very different mood compared to the torrential ones buggering us last month, because Spring is still here and today is just offering us a brake from its push and pull, offering me a chance to embrace our cats and their cave.

From all the rose cuttings I took last year, two actually managed to survive and are anxious to explore the great outdoors, detaining each singular ray of light that’s entering my preferred hideout through the tiniest of windows. The prospects they hold in them somehow mean the world to me, not that I had anything to do with their succes, except for an occasional splash of water. Biggest part of the joy Spring brings me anyway is to observe natures determination to show off its independence, the remains of that true winter battle I had no part to play in, customarily too absorbed with taking care of myself.

Yesterday’s cleaning our plant nursery next to our pink cottage and putting the first seeds in for this years veggie garden plus some newly discovered flowery additions to show off with got me the praise of Ivory, who recognized the effort and knows his appreciation might motivate a repeat of this activity. It could be past winter’s toll, but I nevertheless notice being more reluctant than ever to take charge this time around. I know this is the language of fools speaking and I should not listen if we want to bring anything to our dinner table in the next couple of months, so I will comply to the schedule as usual, sowing dreams, some of which will surely come true and some that are destined to fail miserably.

I guess it’s just another thing to blame Covid for, undermining certainties not doubted before, but having decided never to dwell in negativity I’d might as well give thanks to that bloody virus that, if anything, is making us live more intentionally and aware.

We’ve all been solidly put in our place and I cannot say with conviction that I do not appreciate its assignment, its shadow cast forward. I also can’t ignore its confusion. All we can hope for is a dry day tomorrow, see what happens.

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