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With the right amount of educational value added

Temperatures may have dropped quite a bit, outwardly allowing some kind of winter’s re-entrance, but without much conviction as the energy and eagerness of Spring as always proves impossible to dissipate, there’s also a natural force at work driving us outside to finally do the jobs we have postponed again and again, with good cause but nevertheless creating an annoying backlog that must be handled as soon as possible. This still watery and nebulous sun, interspersed with brighter clearings, makes it a lot less challenging than we have been telling ourselves all these weeks.

The wonderful crispness in the air makes it simple to laugh at even the new hurdles, affiliated with having young Mec always by our side, a profound change from the charitable golden retriever before him, who would never think of interfering in any of our continuing businesses if we would just allow him to stay close. Young Mec, not just driven by generational ravenousness but apparently also by breed, they are often called velcro dogs, initially has the same intention, but for now completely lacks the also important restraint.

Not involving him with re-stacking the new fire wood will make our life truly miserable, trial and error has taught us, but involving him wisely, with the right amount of educational value added, isn’t always as straight forward as it seems, especially if you throw our two darling cats in the mix, both brave and determined never to budge, so zealously appealing to his predisposition to prey hunting to get the exercise they desperately need for ripping those extra winter pounds to shreds, often leading him straight to the compost pile, serving it up as a decoy for their escape.

As usual it’s the simplest of wisdoms, the cooler heads, that prevail. A short visit to our vet, not for anything too serious but a welcome break from Corona seclusion, finally gave an outside look at our precious jammer, who behaved exemplary beyond our expectations, based on the chaos he so often provokes.
But our doctor firmly put us in our place:
“Il est géant, sans aucun doute, mais souviens-toi, encore un bébé.”

Our giant baby, indeed, we too often forget. Calm awaits, eventually.

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