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To prevent prospective Cain and Abel fratricide

To be entirely forthright, this public display of brotherhood was rather heavily inspired by a burning fire in Les Pierres’ wood stove and limited space in front of it and thus preceded by scuffle, but I can personally vouch for its sincerity, its non rareness as well as its tooth-breaking sweetness, distinctively setting it apart from other dispositions that come to mind, offering a less soothing tide for wary hearts like mine.

For the longest time my relationship to my brother has been a forbidden topic to make inquiries about, traumatized by too many sweeping battles to death, induced by incompatible characters or, were you to hold my father’s non objective opinion, loosely based on intentional wishful thinking, by incompatible partners, who’s involvement surely added fuel to the ever-spreading fire.

It would obviously serve me very well indeed to pile all blame for our violent collisions on ‘he who shall never be named again’, who literally blocked all roads to reconciliation out of misguided self-interest, his habitual approach to everything, and my brothers girlfriend for not intervening more actively to prevent prospective Cain and Abel fratricide. However, that would be pretty far beside the many truths there are to tell about our bulky clashes, starring my then uncontrollable temper in at least a couple of them.

A much more compelling part of this fraternal parable plays out here daily, with the same two rascals roughhousing for the best spots to fall asleep to, with a similar instinctive force, impossible to envision when looking at those sweet, innocent little cat faces, but out of nowhere inciting a disproportionate violence that easily spirals out of control.

Oh, these revelations of recognition! Would we too curl up next to each other now that hatchets are long buried and time has taken care of most of our fight songs, once so despotic, but now bootless? Probably not. But there is definitely a positive twist for us to be found by consulting pedagogic knowledge about raising kittens: active physical play is specifically intended to make them smart, emotionally intelligent, lovable and likable, ethical, physically fit, and joyful. Thanks, bro !

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