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It lavishly lifts my spirit

While manipulating burdens into blessings by restlessly revisiting the parts of Les Pierres already securely shaped to our desire before but tormented into disastrous destruction by our neighbors who were detrimentally drawing nearer, it lavishly lifts my spirit to have a positive partner that cheers me on optimistically, thanking God for that wall, arguing I would have never build what I just did otherwise. Ivory’s right, of course: our vegetable garden is now completely shut from their prying eyes and that alone makes it into a more desirable place to spend time in, instead of the cut-n-go field their omnipresence turned it into.

I will forever resist calling their Woesome Wall progress, cantankerously cherishing my anger against all odds, but it did indeed force us to figure out new lines of sight and various fabulous vistas, an abstruse alteration from focussing on the details we tend to get lost in to the bigger picture we are only scarcely accustomed to, being amateurs in adaptation.

As a silver lining to the dark cloud inflicted upon the ancient wall edging our yard before, the one that partly had to make room for its current cursed cousin, a new passage into our orchard was created, that will eventually need a staircase to become fully functional, but even fictional it still fortunately entails the perspective we thought was lost, which it is from all spots but that one, so it now inaugurates uniqueness.

Another benefit of the passageway that miraculously appeared in front of us is that it reinstates the idea of creating an annular perambulation on our grounds. This to me equals a romantic desire that I don’t think we will ever physically embark on, we’re not that silly, but in my mind the fact that we could is the perfection of our richness anyway.

This Pierre de Ronsard Rose, with the applicable alias of Eden Rose, is our preferred choice to embellish these magical portals. Developed by the famous rosarian Francis Meilland to bring the old world charm to modern roses in France, much as David Austin has done for the English Roses, its rapid growth with huge, heavy blooms of pink, fading to white, resemble blessings indeed, undisguised.

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