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I welcome this new and already mutual obsession

There’s a very reasonable explanation for it, what fills ones heart fills ones mind and distinctively directs ones gaze leaving ones mouth to not want to talk about anything else, but on my morning stroll today I was sure I saw some Cabbage Patch Kids in our veggie garden, bringing back memories of wonder and the estranged feeling of jealousy, because by the time those Little People first emerged I was too old to play with dolls, a favorite stereotyped habit my father in those days worried about anyway, or at least registered as ‘different from the others’.

I can’t claim to have liked the babydoll’s appearances, but the whole concept, not offered for sale but put up for adoption with each their own individual name and birth certificate, for sure made them extremely desirable. Clever marketing mostly, but the imaginative story behind it still speaks to me, with BabyLand General, where those kale kiddies lived and played until they were adopted, in my perception not being much different from present day Les Pierres.

The extra set of eyes that our Mec is bringing to the table, gorgeous puppy blue and sparkling all over the place, discovering his new habitat with them and we might like to call it tiny or petit but for him it must feel like Giant Country, are a welcome addition to the imaginative faculty in my head, after being preoccupied with global crises and moral thought patterns for far too long, draining me dry and tiring me out. I welcome this new, and already mutual obsession even more because it’s based in positivity and love, a much needed digression from previously beaten paths.

I would argue there’s no escaping his intense cuteness, but Saffron nor Rebel would be fully validated by this asseveration, both of them obviously outraged at the moment at the shift of attention and compulsively looking for new inward routines to reestablish their favorable statuses, making this life-knitter very happy with the equation to the new American president, ordering everyone from now on to get along.
Good things never change.

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