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Its Lyrical Chronicler Is Still My Preferred Choice

From the extended range of possible positions paraphrased to deal with the unfaltering gaps in our beloved p’tit domaine, to pose as its brave bricoleur seems the most tangible, while its inspired chef beckons boldly because of all fresh produce up for grabs, but its lyrical chronicler is still my preferred choice, boastfully ignoring the recurrent hiccups in my production flow, despite pertinacious promises.

I’m certainly willing to share this honorary title with my Ivory, who just had a lengthy article about our French adventures published in one of the biggest Dutch newspapers, not a first so this proud spouse was only mildly disturbed by witnessing our private lives go ultra public through words not written by me. 

There’s currently a lot of ongoing events at Les Pierres significant enough to report about for sure, especially since they are dealing with the blemishes on our slice of French heaven I complained about in earlier writings, like a re-plastered chimney repairing the leak in the roof, dripping on Ivory’s side of the bed, a build in modern flue liner so the chef in me can cook on our wood stove coming winter instead of having to constantly change gas bottles at the most inconvenient of times and a completely restructured fireplace inside, because it turned out to be on the verge of collapsing, a common state of which we are no longer too afraid but relieved nevertheless when it gets resolved.

For once, all this progress has nothing to do with my self overrated and friable skills, but with Ivory’s dedicated decision to lighten up my workload by hiring a contractor friend, who we unfortunately also introduced years ago at the chateau where we then lived, as a result now rendering his availability extremely limited but his ultimate help even more appreciated.

Ivory’s generous gesture interlocks all and allows me to pose and present myself as Head Gardener of our tiny estate, not because I’m better at it than he is but because he has some bills to pay. It’s not exactly an easy task during this deplorably drowned summer, but I do prefer it over having to write for money, with all the stress involved. Another ambition fulfilled to satisfaction.

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