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Maybe because this snob just isn’t wired that way

On a day like today, when months long tensions will finally culminate into a possibly violent victory or defeat and then what will happen, I cannot but share some of our purple beauties that have been in bloom since spring and as asseverated earlier portray a vibrant ideological amalgamation of red and blue, to give a powerful message of encouragement to all our American friends celebrating their democracy by, again, trying to settle their divide.

Having closely followed all developments in this presidential election campaign, some would say obsessively without being too far off, has left me mostly in the dark about where my figurative nose belongs these days, when its sticking presence is wanted or resolutely not, so I tend not to plunge it all over and not to test these muddy waters, but firmly hold on to my own moral convictions and their importance to me personally, trying to do the right thing, which unfortunately does not equal ever being silent and thus still cuts a straight road to trouble and rejection.

This awareness is consistently accompanied by the threat of being dismissed as a snob, a word of which Ivory surmises one should in this regard wear as a proud badge of honor, but only its inaccuracy truly falls to me. I simply can’t grasp the relation between my personal morality and social positions or wealth, or social superiors versus inferiors, maybe because this snob just isn’t wired that way.
My Dutch heritage must be driving this preoccupation with coming on too strong, because a special kind of taboo on opinionated visions still prevails there. Quoting the prime minister to best express this fascinating stigma: “A vision is like an elephant, obstructing the view.”

Breaking new ground by using your vote after or instead of your voice is an enormous privilege to be envious of and free elections are always an event an outspoken smart ass like myself can learn a lot from. That’s the main reason I’ll be hooked on a screen tonight in excitement: all possible outcomes are thought provoking, even if you live in a peaceful sliver of French paradise surrounded by pandemic turmoil, where the Mealy Blue Sage confidently predicts the only way forward.

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