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All of this is wonderful news to me

Behind all pinkness, at the backend of Les Pierres’ expanse, a paleness has appeared that I honestly evaded to behold for some time, still curiously captivated by color and bloom, perhaps even more so since that’s becoming scarce and I need to altruistically applaud the persistent for their addendum, but passing by this morning it got my full attention because of its aberrant beauty, a distinct sign of not just accepting the inevitable, but truly embrace the change. Other similar indications: us firing up the wood stove habitually yesterday despite the warm weather and the return of Armagnac in our arsenal of stimulants. All of this is wonderful news to me.

Every single time it’s these transitions that prove to entail the hardest laps of this treadmill of entwinement, for me personally that is, with a mindful mood moving up and down in all possible directions, weirdly flexible but reluctant at the same time, a sprawling run-up to the assurance all will be well, an understanding that was never truly doubted having been through all of it before, but that nevertheless creates a gleeful enlightenment when it’s again attained.
At this point we are far from finished with the jobs at hand, preparing for winter, in fact my waverous lingering has caused a serious delay, but never mind, we’ll get there and if not, we will cross that bridge then, all haste seems to be vanished

Or maybe it’s the the soothing tranquility of the just reinstated lockdown, restricting every belch to the here and now, only allowed to be out an hour a day and one kilometer away does that to you, I’m sure. It certainly shifts our focus to the changing light of the season and is therefore reshaping our outlook.

Whatever the cause, this mornings pondering walk through our backyard opened up a new panorama for me, as enchanted as its golden lit antipode, as filled with stories waiting to be told and truths to be revealed, but magnified by the suggestive absence of any movement, a bold confirmation of the fact we live in a painting, a masterpiece of the finest craftsmanship. All it took was some time to emerge, and that’s okay.

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