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More than generously exposed to the elements

My infamous self confidence, a devil or angel that in general listens to its nickname Bluff and represents the driving force behind this aspiration of sharing words on a daily basis or at least with some kind of regularity, would normally have me believe it would take an army to shut me up, only to be embarrassed by the force of one that derailed me last weekend, consisting of just a young Mec, gnawing away at the power cord of this lifeline, unnoticed until it was too late and its battery had died, thus imposing the silence this week.

Obviously mood and weather form a wry kinship in a place like Les Pierres, due to its location on top of a hill more than generously exposed to the elements, all of these outrageous elements that have showed themselves one by one lately, but I would be lying if I didn’t claim some relief in being able to point to something else then than my own predisposition to gloominess, darkening the already overly dark rainclouds that are making this winter memorable, especially in combination with the temperatures being lower than we’re used to, spoiled as we were in the past.

Contrary to the impression I may have sketched earlier by trying to compress the immoderate mania that an overdose of beauty can cause me by lavishly drawing attention to the multiple setbacks we obviously also endure, I still wake up early morning, too early even for young Mec but he turns out to be a champion in adjusting as he willingly allows me to accuse him of being the origin of these prompt activities and start the new day cheerfully together, while in fact it’s me who cherishes these hours before dawn breaks, when the tangible hopes and fears start weaving the specific pattern of that day.

Can it be accidental that the replacement power cord’s arrival coincides with the wondrous appearance of snowdrops, hastening the ingress of Spring as per incantation, gloriously confirmed by the weather forecast. The sudden adjustment of the latter to yet more heavy frost and freezing rain should not be a killjoy anyway, as I intend to let it all flow again.
This obligatory break ends here, abracadabra.

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