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On a foray for an easy way out of confinement

Summer’s forthcoming conversion, promising us the ripeness and maturity we drudged for in Les Pierres gardens, is conventionally accompanied by highly rated and appreciated humidity, trying to put a strain on the sun and reduce its blistering powers, slowly making way for opposite but equally spartan challenges.

It will all work out and we don’t worry much about it, not yet at least, nor are we tempted in any way to go rummaging about for gold, left by cautionary leprechauns at the ever-elusive ends of the rainbows we associate with this changing of weather.

These tell-tale pots almost always seem very near by, with their glow lit by color coordinated light and the fragrance of their fictitious fortune intoxicating, but in the course of time we learned our lesson. If leprechauns actually do exist here, a notion we won’t contradict and with carrot harvest in swift prospect we might accidentally find one or two dangling from these roots, they will for sure not give away their treasures because there’s just no such thing as free money.

One might get confused looking at property costs in our area, being indeed quite low compared to more densely populated regions and set against their historical value and idyllic location, providing a huge attraction for Parisians, who are, trapped by Covid, on a foray for an easy way out of confinement. At present, realtors are filling our local newspapers, not just with real-estate ads but increasingly with boastful interviews showcasing them working twenty-four hours a day to meet current demand.

We have strong doubts whether people accurately realize the magnitude of their desires of establishing even second homes in previously abandoned areas like ours where success of ventures like these will be determined by much more than money alone. Judging by the appearances I knowingly contribute to with my pictures and lines, it may not seem like a monumental endeavor that needs to be discouraged or disheartened by didactic reprimands.

But ultimately, we ourselves discovered through trial and error, it’s about time and one’s willingness to spend the bulk of it here, wisely ignoring migratory distractions and tantalizing leprechauns.

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