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Personal desire to focus on the good

The threat of vanity when posting online is a recurring topic at Les Pierres, causing many heated conversations. Having to deal with the extremities of it up close and personal in our not-so-long-ago past makes us wary of it, so we often find it necessary to point out to each other to ‘remember to keep it real’.

When it comes to this, I increasingly find myself in a position of dilemma, longing to portray the intense beauty of our simplified lifestyle by cutting out the more run-of-the-mill things at the same time. It’s not necessarily that I feel an urge to stand out, but it’s my personal desire to focus on the good, whilst leaving the bad and ugly parts to one’s ability to imagine. Or, as my poet sister once wrote in a verse about fading standards: “Do queens poo? Absolutely!”.

I could fairly easily pretend that yesterday’s appetizer was created with ingredients grown especially for that purpose. Truth is I failed at growing Chinese Cabbage this year, since the plants decided to put all their energy into producing flowers instead of providing us with the intended firm heads that I was going to use for kimchi-making. Sown in the wrong time, too early or too late, who knows. A disappointment, I can’t deny. But now that the bok choy is flowering so sumptuous, it makes no sense to me not to show you how I decided to honour that magnificent (and delicious!) yellow with an honorary platform at our dinner table.

We also still devour the leaves in our healthy green lunch smoothies, where we try to put in as much probiotics, seeds, leafy greens, roots and fruits as we can, topped off with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. I’m not showing you any images of it, for reasons stated above. I mean, we call it our ‘Health Mud’, that should be enough of a visual. But at least now you know that not everything revolves around beauty, not even in pink paradise.

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María Barragan
María Barragan
4 years ago

I love your site

Sarah Reed
4 years ago

I absolutely love the idea that when nature gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Ultimately , just like you we produce and eat the good the bad and the ugly. Not everything in life is instagram ready. I love reading your blogs . Thank you

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