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Previously proven effective way to avoid all fuss

Yesterday marked my hundredth consecutive daily entry here and me downplaying this given using my false modesty, a designated and previously proven effective way to avoid all fuss by saying it’s just a number and not a very accurate one, fortunately did not fall into fertile soil because Ivory, being Ivory, a world class champion in validating other peoples achievements, made sure I got to enjoy our celebratory dinner at one of the fancier restaurants in our area, where we only go to on special occasions. Fine dining, favorite company and a fabulous gift committed the night to a special corner of my memory, joining the ones I already cherish.

He was right, of course, in commemorating the joy of my retrieved writing happiness of which I only vaguely latch onto half of its importance to me personally, but that has nevertheless turned into an immense part of my days and therewith his.

This experiment of placing myself naked amongst all these nude girls, referring to my intended honesty in an environment not only dominated but also heavily structured by a prejudicial logarithm that is consistently prioritizing certain kind of images and behaviors over others, has turned out to be a very important move in securing the self endorsement I wasn’t aware I had lost to that extend. I never expected this growing chorus of voices talking back, nor the impact it makes on my daily drives and impulses, so a huge thank you is certainly in place here. Thank y’all for bearing with me in this!

What worries me slightly in celebrating any achievement too extensively, is that it sort of equals putting things to bed, like all looking back tends to do, whereas I want to build on it and extend, grow and evolve, or at least persevere. These silly concerns preoccupied me on my usual stroll through our garden this morning, a bit hasty because rain is in prospect at long last.

Meeting our hibiscuses, I as a matter of course got these autumnal chimeras waved away through identification. If they can manage to produce so many giant flower buds this late in their life’s cycle, ready to burst open and vanquish all previous doubts, there’s nothing to fear.

Let’s intend to bloom a little more.

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