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The devising of new bewildering wonders in seclusion

Rain came ultimately, rearranging desires and needs throughout, resulting in a highly anticipated, almost palpable sigh of relief, not just from us as self-proclaimed replacement care providers released from their duties, but all around Les Pierres’ ecosystem, as if reinstatement of confidence in a smoother course forward had been under serious pressure and the ball was about to drop but got miraculously saved last minute.

Of everything living with us, sharing the resources, I am most likely the only one over exaggerating this reset, pretending nature has returned to take over where it has evidently been in charge all along and we’re the ones adapting.
It’s about time for our gaze to turn inwards, or at least try to bend our orientation that way, to allow the devising of new bewildering wonders in seclusion, without our pungent presiding and continuous contemplation. If I was ruled by giants like us, macho posturing to have power over everything, I could probably do with a little time out too.

This year we have, each in our own way, proved ourselves to be honorable students of Rilke’s philosophy on writing, compellingly prescribing us to come close to nature and try to say what we see and feel and love and lose, as if no-one has ever tried it before. This became such an eye-opener, a revelation of a tiny cranny into a huge new universe with comprised vocabulary, carefully tearing it open further by making the latter part a bit more personal: as if I never tried it before.

Wintery introspection will either bring me down to my feet and sober me up, or it will force me to swallow even more dictionaries, but no matter what I intend to manipulate every little detail of this new awareness into a merciless reflection of my ugly pretty self.

There’s the whopping dramatic gesture of Les Pierres’ in-pink-exploding-terrace, still extravagantly lush but on the verge of collapsing into decay, with my affinity of theater underlying its existence. But as much attention if not more, I now chose to pay to its naturally appeared twin called Herbst’s Bloodleaf, astonishing enough completely color coordinated, put there by nature to remind me this is all a coproduction.

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