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The gospel of fermented Sauerkraut

Homemade sauerkraut is usually what gets people hooked on fermenting to begin with: it’s easy to prepare and almost always successful. I must admit that my entry into Ferment-land followed a different path and I was converted to the gospel of fermented Sauerkraut rather late in life.

Don’t get me wrong: I loved the ‘zuurkool’ my Mum made us when we were kids, where the actual kraut was mixed with mashed potatoes and covered in crispy bacon and gravy. But somehow I never was inspired enough to try and make it myself until last year.

Now that I do I’m quickly turning into a forerunner of the cabbage religion; I can’t imagine life without it and buying the prepacked supermarket stuff is out of the question from now on. The kraut I’m starting today will be our summer supply so I’m adding fresh Fennel leaves and flowers from the garden, orange and coriander seeds to catch some of the sun in the crock.

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We hope that our journey towards a supplementary comprehensive celebration of nature’s beauty might just clear a pathway forward for you too, perhaps challenges a revealing reconsideration, or simply provides for an equally indispensable diversion.

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