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All kinds of new creative avenues are opening up

Judging a book by its cover as opposed to its author’s carefully chosen but intentionally deceptive words, must be our current world’s most travelled road, crammed with visual distractions enticing us to take side paths, purposefully messing up our sense of direction just to prevent us from slowing down. This shallowing hypothesis, suggesting that a too frequent use of social media has led to a dramatic decline in ordinary daily reflective thoughts and placing less importance on moral life goals, is both alien and infuriating for someone as imbued as I am with the intertwinement of rhyme and reason.

A few months after I decided to write more deliberate here, trying to compose and share my personal view on our circadian rhythm by connecting random dots that tend to swirl around in my head anyway, waiting for a deferred dust-off, my verdict is still out on this confusing phenomenon. Innocent enough I first believed followers to be potential and eager readers, making a conscious choice to consume my content, with the technology simply as a tool to facilitate these interactions.

However it’s actually the technology itself that determines who gets to see what when, through this self-teaching but humanly controlled, unsurprisingly money-driven algorithm that one needs to beat if one craves the attention. It seems silly to stick to faithful confidence in simplicity, but still all together wiser to stay away from sneaky strategies for growth of reach.

This is a fascinating domain to interweave with my other personal pursuits and shallowness certainly doesn’t cut its sole description. By exploring the contrast between this online world and our exuberant but tranquil environment at Les Pierres, all kinds of new creative avenues are opening up, inviting me to get lost in either one or the other.

This time of year our vegetable garden certainly doesn’t represent any jammer on this fertile frequency, offering everything we need for a full meal’s salad quickly and effortlessly. All it takes is to intentionally walk away from these hypnotizing screens, swapping them for a delicious different perspective. Bon’ap, algorithm, will definitely talk to you again tomorrow.

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