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Daily Reality, With Or Without Its Magic

To keep things as close to reality as a magical place like Les Pierres permits, I’ll admit that this picture was taken before the extensive rain that’s been torturing us for the last couple of days, especially Mec because as young as he is he has made it quite clear he detests wetness as much as he does the cold, when the light was still gloriously warming each and every view and there was no furious nightly storm to cause a leakage in the roof of our darling cottage, right where I fixed a previous one last year, before the double layered insulation went in, making additional repairs a nightmare waiting to happen, but even more atrocious, causing a maddening drip right next to Ivory’s bedside, and thus casting a shadow forward of trouble in paradise.

It was I who took the little one out for his nocturia around 4 am, drowsy noticing it was snowing so attention was called for not slipping, which of course I then did, comic book-like backwards I should add, just barely preventing a complete wet pyjama, but no bones were broken.

As comfortable as I am writing about misery, preferably our own because I by nature don’t feel any gratification gloating over other peoples misfortune, a few exceptions aside maybe but let’s assume they deserve it, the more difficulty I have choosing an accompanying image to add here, firmly holding myself to the double standard of required visual beauty no matter what. I puzzled my feverish head over that when I was bed constrained by the flu, partly guided by the tv show we were watching at the time, the BBC crime thriller The Capture that focusses in on changing actual reality by secretly altering realtime video surveillance footage, taking deepfake to another frightening level, provocative stuff, in particular in our day and age where so much of the news is deemed fake and facts can be substituted for alternatives.

The only way to get to the truth about Les Pierres’ daily reality, with or without its magic, would be for all of you to come see for yourself, which its size will definitely not allow. There’s no other way to bring this to you and it seems only fair to concede, extraordinary things happen, even I manipulate and misinform.

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